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Cutters 9180 Xuron Cutters Scissors Fireline Kevlar

Cutters 9180 Xuron Cutters Scissors Fireline Kevlar
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Brand:  xuron



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You are purchasing 1 pair of cutters.


If, like me, your fed up with buying scissors that cut the fireline for a while then loose there edge and you need to buy another pair, or you try to  thread a beading needle with fireline with a wavy edge its just hopeless, these cutting pliers from Xuron claim to last a long time.

They do cut the fireline like a knife through butter and the fireline has nice sharp square edge. They also have fine tips to get in those awkward places close up to your beads.

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As well as fireline they cut kevlar, dandyline, leather etc,  they have one striaght edge and one serrated edge.

Size 6 inches long. Comfort grip handles, with a spring that automatically opens the pliers after use.

Handle with Care.

Keep your scissor blades closed and shielded with the enclosed tubing. This stops you from cutting your fingers and stops items from making the pliers blunt.


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