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Needles Make Your Own 5 amp Fuse Wire 64inches Long

Needles Make Your Own 5 amp Fuse Wire  64inches Long
Our Price:  £1.10

Brand:  JB4



82 units

You are purchasing a 64 inch length of wire.


This wire is very very thin .2134mm thick (not 2134mm thick, but point 2134mm thick) for going through any type of bead including pearls, even rice pearls. Shown here with markings in milimetres and  rice pearls. Cut a piece of wire about 3 inches long, bend it into two equal lengths and twist the ends together. Thread your non stretch bead thread though the loop, tie a knot and off you go. Sufficient wire to make 21,  1.5inch long needles. Cheapest needles on ebay.
Wire will arrive in a coil, not wrapped round a card ready kinked!.

Size:- 64 inches of .2134mm diameter wire.  5 amp 35swg (standard wire guage).


Dispatch:- if you pay by 9am Mon-Fri your order  will be posted the same day. I do not post Saturdays or Sundays. 

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