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Rolled Gold Filled Clasp Magnetic Catch Mag Lok Fasten Yellow 4mm 6mm 8mm x 1

Rolled Gold Filled Clasp Magnetic Catch Mag Lok Fasten Yellow 4mm 6mm 8mm x 1
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Brand:  JB4

You are purchasing 1 magnetic clasp.


These are rolled gold / gold filled round magnetic clasp, with strong magnets.     If you haven't used a magnetic clasp before then they really are a dream to use, no fiddling behind your neck they always snap together perfectly.

The 4mm diameter clasp is not made by Mag-Lok but is  still strong, use it on lighter weight necklaces. 4.3mm diameter, 10mm long including jump rings/loops. Jump rings are made of round wire and the holes are 1.6mm diameter.

The  6mm diameter clasp made by Mag Lok is strong enough for most necklaces of 8mm size beads and smaller at 18 inches long with glass or natural gems. 5.95mm diameter x 7.3mm long. Stamped 14GF

The 8mm diameter clasp made by Mag Lok  is considerably stronger so can be used for heavier weight beads ie over 10mm and over for an 18inch length made of glass or natural materials. 7.7mm dia 11.4mm long. Stamped 14GF

Magnetic clasps must not be used by people who are pregnant, wearing pacemakers, pacemaker defibulators, insulin pumps, or electric insulin devices.

Rolled Gold or  known in the USA as Gold Filled contain  much more  gold than gold plate and can be worn with no problem. The gold content is 14ct.


A layer of gold is fused under heat and  pressure to a base metal sometimes copper is used. The thickness of the layer of gold is 50 to 100,000 times thicker than gold plate. The thicker the plating the more durable the finish. To be called Gold Filled at least 1/20th of the total weight must be pure gold.


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