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Rolled Gold Filled Earring Ear Hoops Beadable 20mm 30mm 45mm Rose x 1pr

Rolled Gold Filled Earring Ear Hoops Beadable 20mm 30mm 45mm Rose x 1pr
Our Price:  £4.10

Brand:  JB4

                                                                                You are purchasing 1 pair of hoops.


The hoops dont come with the beads or plastic ends.

Swarovski drops and Miyuki beads, as well as the plastic ends are all available on separate listings.

These hoops are also available in  rolled silver.

Beadable hoops, just change your beads to your outfit or bead something special in the centre or dangling around the hoop. One of the photos shows 3mm Swarovski round beads with a Swarovski Drop and the other shows what I have beaded, the last photo show Miyuki in size 15, 11, 8 and 6.

If you want to sew I started with a size 8 bead on and had to sew the first line on without a needle as the needle wouldnt go through the size 8.   I also put size 15 on at both ends and tweaked the end of the earring up so that the beads wouldnt fall off.  I also like to wear them with the plastic/rubber ends so that I dont loose them.


Item is stamped 14K 1/20 GF

Small Size:-  Wire is .7mm diameter. Hoops are 20mm diameter.


Med Size:-  Wire is .7mm diameter. Hoops are 30mm diameter.


Large Size:-  Wire is .7mm diameter. Hoops are 45mm diameter.

(I have one ear that objects to anything other than gold or silver being put in it for more than 7 hours, but I have worn these for 24 hours for a week with no problems).  


Rolled Gold or  known in the USA as Gold Filled contain  much more  gold than gold plate and can be worn with no problem. The gold content is 14ct.

A layer of gold is fused under heat and  pressure to a base metal sometimes copper is used. The thickness of the layer of gold is 50 to 100,000 times thicker than gold plate. The thicker the plating the more durable the finish. To be called Gold Filled at least 1/20th of the total weight must be pure gold.


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