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Beadable Pencil Gold or Chrome Plated with Optional Grips

Beadable Pencil Gold or Chrome Plated with Optional Grips
Colour: Pencil Gold Grip NoColour: Pencil Gold Grip Rubber BlackColour: Pencil Gold Grip Bumpy BlackColour: Pencil Gold Grip Bumpy Blue
Colour: Pencil Gold Grip Bumpy GreenColour: Pencil Gold Grip Bumpy PinkColour: Pencil Gold Grip Bumpy RedColour: Pencil Chrome Grip No
Colour: Pencil Chrome Grip Rubber BlackColour: Pencil Chrome Grip Bumpy BlackColour: Pencil Chrome Grip Bumpy BlueColour: Pencil Chrome Grip Bumpy Green
Colour: Pencil Chrome Grip Bumpy PinkColour: Pencil Chrome Grip Bumpy RedColour: Pattern InstructionsColour: Spare Internal Mechanism
Colour: Spare Pencil Leads
Our Price:  £7.10

Brand:  JB4



20 units

You are purchasing 1  Pencil without a pocket clip ready to bead.


If you are on my website the pictures change with the different options, if you are looking at this from ebay there is no picture changes as ebay dosnt recognise small pictures.


The Pencil The grip stop your fingers sliding down the pencil, and comes in different colours, the plain black grip is made of rubber and the other bumpy grips are nitrile. The pencil is gold or chrome plated with brass tubes that you cover with beads, the grip reduces the amount of rows you need to bead so that its faster to finish beading. It comes without a clip, ie ladies pencils, slim body. Central barrel, and clip if ordered, may vary slightly in design from the ones photographed, email to request a pencil clip, no extra charge, but this will cause a 1 day delay in posting.

The pencil has a removable gold cap which has a rubber/eraser underneath, remove this to access the leads. Each pencil comes with 3 leads .7mm diameter.

Size Length of pencil: 14.5cms.    Diameter when beaded with size 11 delica beads:10mm


Spare leads come in a pack of 20 leads .7mm diameter, 60mm long 2B


Instructions which you may need to purchase, are in odd peyote stitch and include a blank chart so you can design your own. You will need a pen or pencil, 3 grams of delica beads in 5 colours, 6lb Fireline and a size 12 needle.

The instructions are for the pencil with no grip, if you buy via ebay the pattern will be sent to you by email,  this is not an automated process maximum wait time 36 hours if you buy on a Friday patterns will be emailed on Monday. If you want to buy the instructions only via ebay, WAIT for the postage cost to be zeroed off the invoice before paying, (I am not doing refunds).


If you buy the pattern from my website it can be  downloaded.

Please add the pattern to your order as normal, and pay for it.

When you have paid   click on " your account" ,    "order information",  the  "order number",  then next to the photo you will see the word Download: click on the word download.

The instructions are suitable for a beginner, as long as you use the same colour beads and dont do the zig zag pattern.


Bead Count:-

To bead the pencil with no grips you need to pick up 39 beads and stitch 32 rows for one top half, and repeat for the bottom half.

To bead the pencil with the rubber grip you need to pick up 39 beads and stitch 32 rows for  the top half, and pick up ?? beads and stitch 32 rows for the second half.

To bead the pencil with bumpy  grips you need to pick up 39 beads and stitch 32 rows for the top half, and pick up ?? beads and stitch 32 rows for the second half.



Dispatch:- if you pay by 9am Mon-Fri your order  will be posted the same day. I do not post Saturdays or Sundays. 



Trading from April to November every year.