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Chinese Knotting Cord 1.5mm .8mm 13 Colours

Chinese Knotting Cord 1.5mm .8mm 13 Colours
Colour: Black,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Black,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m LongColour: Blue,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Blue,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m Long
Colour: Burgundy,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Burgundy,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m LongColour: Dark Green,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Dark Green,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m Long
Colour: Dark Siam,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Dark Siam,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m LongColour: Emerald,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Emerald,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m Long
Colour: Light Brown,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Light Brown,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m LongColour: Pink,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Pink,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m Long
Colour: Purple,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Purple,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m LongColour: Siam,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Siam,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m Long
Colour: Taupe,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Taupe,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m LongColour: Topaz Yellow,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: Topaz Yellow,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m Long
Colour: White,  Size: .8mm Wide, 15m LongColour: White,  Size: 1.5mm Wide, 5m Long
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Brand:  The Beadsmith

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At last a good quality Chinese Knotting Cord that dosnt get tangled up as its on a reel. Great for kumihimo/ braiding and macrame.

The braided cord is oblong in cross section, and 100%25nylon, so you can burn and fuse the ends together or glue and add end caps.

Picture Top Row, Topaz Yellow, Taupe, Light Brown, Emerald, Dark Green.

Picture Middle Row:- Pink, Siam, Dark Siam, Burgundy

Picture Bottom Row:- Blue, Purple, White

Black not pictured.



Size: 1.5mm wide, 5 metres long.

Size: .8mm wide, 15 metres long.


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