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Fire Polished Purple 6 mm Violet AB K4907 Czech Glass Bead

Fire Polished Purple  6 mm Violet AB K4907 Czech Glass Bead
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Brand:  Czech Beads

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Czech firepolished faceted glass beads.

AB= Aurora Borealis- Northern Lights and it is only applied to half of each bead.

The picture show 4mm and 6mm beads.

Colour Name:- Violet AB

Colour Remarks:- A note of caution, like all plated/coated items, the plating/coating may wear off, depending on how much wear the bead is subject to.


2mm True to Size: Size approx:  2mm length of bead hole, 2mm diameter. Hole size  .8mm

2mm Traditional Size approx:  2.8mm length of bead hole, 2.5mm diameter. Hole size  .8mm

3mm Size approx:  3mm length of bead hole, 3mm diameter. Hole size  .8mm

4mm Size approx: 4mm length of bead hole, 4mm diameter. Hole size 1mm

6mm Size approx: 6mm length of bead hole, 5.6mm diameter. Hole size 1.2mm

8mm Size Approx: 8mm length of bead hole, 7.7mm diameter. Hole size 1.2mm


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