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Miyuki Delica Hex DBC0038 Silver Size 15 11 Palladium Plated Cut Bead 2g

Miyuki Delica Hex DBC0038 Silver Size 15 11 Palladium Plated Cut Bead 2g
Our Price:  £6.60

Brand:  Miyuki

You are purchasing 2 grams of Miyuki  beads.


Miyuki  Delica Beads or Cylinder shaped beads. 

Known as hex (hexagonal) cut beads, because of their shape, they used to have 6 sides but they now have 7 sides this gives you more sparkle. Should they now be known as Hept cut?. 

They fit  well together as they have flat sides and dont roll. Because they have flat sides these act like a facet on a diamond and refract and reflect the light to give a sparkle effect.


Colour Name: Palladium Plated

Colour No: 0038

Remarks: This is a plated bead and like all plated items the plating may come off, this depends on the amount of wear the bead is subject to.



DBS Size 15 approx 1.1mm length of bead hole, 1.2mm external diameter, hole diameter .6mm

DB Size 11 approx 1.3mm length of bead hole, 1.7mm external diameter, hole diameter .7mm


Made in Japan, Miyuki glass beads are the best, most consistent size, and less rejects than any other manufacturer. This will make  your beadwork look more even and you wont have to spend time looking over your beads to discard small and large beads, that you find in Czech or Chinese manufactured beads. Which means there worth it, and as all ladies know, we ARE worth it!.


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