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Storage Tower 3 Sides Rectangular Flip Top Tube

Storage Tower 3 Sides Rectangular Flip Top Tube
Our Price:  £13.00

Brand:  JB4



2 units

You are purchasing 1 bead tube tower with carry case.


A bead tube tower that is triangular has velcro so that you can fold it in 3 and store in its clear thick plastic carry case with handles, or stand it up as shown, lay it down flat. Has strong elastic to hold your tubes. It does not come with the tubes or beads shown.

It measures when folded flat 16in x 8.25in.

It measures when opened out 16x 25inches.

When stood up it takes up work top  space of 8x8inches square.

  So how many tubes will it hold? it has got 12x4=48 slots per side x 3 sides =144 slots.

It could hold 144 1inch tubes, or:- 

It could hold 144 1.5inch tubes, or:-

It could hold 72 2inch tubes and 72 1inch tubes, or :-

It could hold 72 3inch tubes, or:-

It could hold 36 3.75 inch tubes and 36 3inch tubes.

Or any combination of the above.

Photo shows:

top block, 8 one inch tubes.

2nd block down,  8  one and a half inch tubes.

3rd block down from left to right, 2 one inch tubes, 4 two inch tubes and 2 one inch tubes.

4th block down shows 2 three inch tubes.

5th block down from left to right 1 three inch tube and 1 three and three quarter inch tube.


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