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Swarovski Rivoli 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 19 Colours

Swarovski Rivoli  12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 19 Colours
Colour: Amethyst,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Amethyst,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Amethyst Light,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Aquamarine,  Size: 12mm x 2
Colour: Aquamarine,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Crystal AB,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Crystal AB,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Crystal AB,  Size: 16mm x 1
Colour: Crystal AB,  Size: 18mm x 1Colour: Crystal Paradise Shine,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Crystal Paradise Shine,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Emerald Glacier Blue,  Size: 12mm x 2
Colour: Emerald Glacier Blue,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Fuchsia,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Fuchsia,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Fuchsia Glacier Blue,  Size: 12mm x 2
Colour: Fuchsia Glacier Blue,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Graphite,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Graphite,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Rose,  Size: 12mm x 2
Colour: Rose,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Rose Glacier Blue,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Sapphire,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Sapphire,  Size: 14mm x 2
Colour: Siam,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Siam Light,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Siam Light,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Tanzanite,  Size: 12mm x 2
Colour: Tanzanite,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Violet,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Violet,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Vitrail Light,  Size: 12mm x 2
Colour: Vitrail Light,  Size: 14mm x 2Colour: Vitrail Medium,  Size: 12mm x 2Colour: Vitrail Medium,  Size: 14mm x 2
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Brand:  Swarovski

You are purchasing 2 Swarovski Rivoli beads.


These are guenuine Swarovski Rivolis the 1122 rivoli series  12mm or 14mm diameter, all foiled backed.

To buy the glue in earring stud /pendant setting that I am selling. Search on GOLD SILVER PLATED EARRING STUD PENDANT RIVOLI SETTING HOLDER LOOP DANGLE x 1pr This fits the 12mm size Rivolis.


Colours available are :-

Top row, left to right :-  Amethyst Light, Aquamarine, Crystal AB.

2nd Row from top:- Crystal Paradise Shine, Emerald Glacier Blue, Fuchsia, Fuchsia Glacier Blue.

3rd Row from top:- Rose, Rose Glacier Blue, Tanzanite.

Bottom row, :- Violet, Vitrail Light,  Vitrail Medium.


Size:-  12mm diameter, 6mm thick from point at the front to point at the back. 

Size:-  14mm diameter, 6.9mm thick from point at the front to point at the back. 

Size:-  16mm diameter, 8.03mm thick from point at the front to point at the back.

Size:-  18mm diameter, 9.05mm thick from point at the front to point at the back.


Dispatch:- if you pay by 9am Mon-Fri your order  will be posted the same day. I do not post Saturdays or Sundays. 


Trading from April to November every year.