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Thread Card No Stretch Nylon Neclkace Repair Bead Stringing 9 Colours 4 Sizes

Thread Card No Stretch Nylon Neclkace Repair Bead Stringing 9 Colours 4 Sizes
Our Price:  £1.50

Brand:  The Beadsmith

You are purchasing 1 card of thread.

This thread is also available on a cone.


This is the type of thread you should be stringing your necklaces on, whether they be pearls or other types of beads. Although its called no stretch it does need a stretch before using. You need 5 amp fuse wire to use as a needle if you are restringing necklaces not the Pony beading needles I have.

In the 17th and 18th century pearls were strung on silk, this is because silk is the only long fiber that could be spun thin enough to pass through the centre of a pearl, (cotton has very short fibers). All pearls strung on silk were restrung annually as perfume and sweat makes the silk rot and break. Now that nylon has been invented this will last much longer before it breaks estimating 3-5 years depending on how often a necklace is worn before it needs restringing.

Instructions are available if you require, click on instructions in both the size and colour drop down box to add them to your order,  shows you how to professionally restring a necklace, with lots of pictures: instructions will be emailed to you. If you just want to buy the instructions wait for the postage to be removed from your invoice. I am not doing postage refunds if you cant wait.

I have a few basic colours if anyone wants thinner  60s or 80s thread, mainly used for natural pearl stringing, email for info.

Available in 9 colours. and 4 thicknesses.

Colours are from left to right in the picture, natural, white, black, brown, silver, blue, green, garnet, red.

Size 2  E, tex 70, .2921mm dia, or 40s 11lbs breaking strain. 26yds/23m. Use gimp B or Fine

Size 4  F, tex 90,  .3378mm dia, 15lbs breaking strain. 22yds/20m. Use gimp C or Fine

Size 6  .5080mm dia, 32lbs breaking strain. 18yds/16m. Use gimp E or Heavy.

Size 8  .5867mm dia, 45lbs breaking strain. 12yds/11m. Use gimp extra heavy.


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Trading from April to November every year.