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Tubes Plastic Square Bead Storage Piercing Saw Blades 3 Sizes x 5pcs

Tubes Plastic Square Bead Storage Piercing Saw Blades 3 Sizes x 5pcs
Our Price:  £1.50

Brand:  JB4

You are purchasing 5 square plastic tubes in the same size.


If you are only buying a few and I can pack your parcel so that it wil go through the 25mm slot to travel as a large letter I will give you a refund.


The picture shows all 3 sizes


These tubes are great, I like them better than round tubes as I think you can see the colour better, they stack better, they dont roll.  I also have small boxes great for taking beads on holidays, see storage section.

Each tube measures 1/2inch square its only the length that  increases.


My measurements in millimeters are more accurate than those in inches.

Each tube measures 12.6mm wide and 12.6mm thick, its only the length that  increases.

The sizes includes the top :-  each top protrudes 5mm above the tube.

Small 1/2 inch x 1/2inch x 2.25 inch 12.6mm x 12.6mm x 56mm

Medium    1/2 inch x 1/2inch x 3.25 inch  12.6mm x 12.6mm x 82mm

Large  (Saw blade storage)   1/2 inch x 1/2 inch x 6.25 inch  12.6mm x 12.6mm x 158mm



What can you fit in each size tube?, weight is in grams.

Type of bead:               2.25 inch  :  3.25inch  :6.25inch 

Bugles 3mm :                  6.7g          10.7g         22.2g 

Bugles 6mm :                  6.3               9.6           19.3 

Magatmas :                     7.3             12.0           25.2  

Cube 1.8mm :                 9.0             13.9           28.0

Drops 3.4mm                  9.0             13.8           29.1 

Seed  Bead 15                8.1            12.6           26.4 

Seed Bead 11:                8.1            13.0           25.8  

Seed Bead 8 :                 8.0            12.3           25.9

Seed Bead 6 :                 7.9            12.3           24.7

Tila :                                  7.6            11.2            25.7 

Want to keep these tubes all together in a box?, search on STORAGE BOXES PLASTIC for BEADS TUBES PENS PENCILS crafts 4 Sizes


Dispatch:- if you pay by 9am Mon-Fri your order  will be posted the same day. I do not post Saturdays or Sundays. 



Trading from April to November every year.