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Wire Mesh Necklace Ribbon 11 Colours 6mm 20mm x 1m Expanding Metal

Wire Mesh Necklace Ribbon 11 Colours 6mm 20mm x 1m Expanding Metal
Our Price:  £5.95

Brand:  The Beadsmith

You are purchasing 1 pre-cut  meter length of wire ribbon. If you ask for 2 meters it will come as 2 lots at 1meter long. Apart from 6mm in Christmas red, silver, light gold: 20mm in silver, light gold which will be a continuous length.

This ribbon is great you can pull it out at either side to make a wavy line or if you feel you have made a mistake just pull on both ends and it shrinks back to the original size of 6mm wide tube. This wire is from The Beadsmith and made in Italy of very thin wire, but it feels soft and pliable like polyester ribbon. I think  it is superior to Artistic Wire as it shrinks back to its original size whereas Artistic Wire dosn't go back the same.

 The ribbon measures .2mm thick and each wire measures .07mm thick, so very very thin. Put two different colours together on top of one another twist 360 degrees every inch or so then pull out on the flat bits and pull one colour out slightly more than the other, gives great two tone effect.


You can see how its used by clicking on the link to a you tube video below

Shown in the picture from top to bottom 6mm Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Teal, Peridot, Black, Pink, Wine Red, Christmas Red, Copper, Silver, Light Gold: 20mm Silver, Light Gold.

The silver shade could pass as white, cream ivory: the copper as orange.

Size: 6mm wide flat tube expands to 33mm wide.

Size: 20mm wide flat tube expands to 127mm wide.


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