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Tubes Plastic Round Screw Top Bead Storage 2 Sizes x 5pcs 7ml 10ml

Tubes  Plastic Round Screw Top Bead Storage 2 Sizes x 5pcs  7ml 10ml
Our Price:  £2.00

Brand:  JB4

You are purchasing 5 round screw top   plastic tubes in the same size.


The picture shows all 3 sizes.

These tubes are great, if you struggle getting the tops of normal round tubes.

My measurements in millimeters are more accurate than those in inches.

These tubes are slightly tapered, the large and medium measure 16.6mm diameter at the top and 15.5 at the base. The small tube measures 17.5mm at the top and 17mm at the bottom.

The caps are larger and measure 20mm diameter, 12mm deep.

The length of the tubes  includes the top :- 

Small : 2inches, or 50mm long. 7ml

Med : 2.25inches, or 58mm long. 5ml Medium Discontinued

Large : 4inches or 100mm long. 10ml

What can you fit in each size tube?, weight is in Grams


Type of bead:              2inch  :2.25inch:  4inch :  

Bugles 3mm :                8.9       7.9         14.3

Bugles 6mm :                7.8       7.0         12.6   

Cube 1.8mm :              11.4      10.1       18.3 

Drops 3.4mm :             11.8      10.5       18.8

Magmatas   :                  9.9       9.0        16.7  

Size 11 Delicas:             9.4       8.4        15.2

Seed Bead 15:              10.2      9.0        17.0

Seed Bead 11:             11.1     10.0        17.7

Seed Bead 8 :               10.6     9.7         17.0

Seed Bead 6                10.5      8.5         16.2  

Tila Beads:                     9.3      8.9         14.7

Yes this is correct the smaller tube is slightly wider so holds more than the medium tube.


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